A new blog direction

I’ve decided to resurrect my blog but with a new direction.

Instead of telling stories like I have in the past (on and off!), I’m simply going to list 5 reasons I’ve had a great day – everyday. Starting tomorrow, the 1st November.

This is part of my effort to focus on the simple pleasures of life, and to remind myself that no matter how bad a day I’ve had, there were at least 5 good things that happened.


Like having an ice cream with Bowie.


The sweet sound of cicadas

Today was a great day because…

  1. Singing cicadas told me summer is definitely coming, despite what recent weather may have lead us to believe!
  2. Inspired by cicadas, I had an ice cream
  3. The sun shone
  4. I have a full tank of fuel
  5. I signed up some new clients


Today was a great day because….

  1. I was given a free Fitbit to go with my AIA Vitality membership
  2. I got a taxi ride home from the airport
  3. I had a big waggy welcome home from Frankie
  4. I still didn’t need to check-in my luggage, even with the bits and pieces collected from the conference
  5. There are new berries growing on my strawberry plants